Paroc Stonewool Insulation R1.5 80kg


This product has an R-value of R1.5 and meets the requirements of AS/NZS4859.1 as required to comply with the BCA for thermal insulation used in external walls and roofs. It is Non-Combustible when tested to AS1530.1.

Dimensions: 600mm×1000mm | Normal Thickness: 50mm | Density: 80kg/m3
No. of batts per pack: 7pcs | m2 per pack: 4.2m2




Paroc Stonewool Insulation

Paroc stonewool insulation is nature’s own invention; harnessed for industrial use for more than 80 years. When the volcano erupts, the molten stone is fiberized by the wind on the slopes of the mountain. These thin fibres were the first form of stone wool.

PAROC Stonewool insulation is produced with similar principles; by melting and fiberizing volcanic stones; typically basalt, gabbro, anorthosite and dolomite at 1500°C. In the industrial production of stone wool insulation, we add a small amount of organic binder (2-4%) to stabilize the fibres. Air is trapped in tiny pores formed of stone wool fibres and creates a durable and non-combustible insulation with excellent thermal qualities. Immobile air trapped in the pores accounts for 95-99 percent of the insulation volume.

The thermal insulation and air tightness of a building’s envelope is the basis for good indoor air quality, living comfort and energy efficiency.

The insulation must be continuous and free of breaks from the ceiling through the walls to ground level. Good thermal insulation and carefully completed insulation work will save heating costs throughout the life cycle of a building. During renovation the strength of the insulation should be checked and new insulation added if necessary.

Insulation solutions for buildings include non-combustible and energy-efficient products made from PAROC stone wool, for thermal, acoustic, and fire insulation. On these pages you will find all PAROC solutions for new construction and renovation projects, including Nearly Zero Energy Building (nZeb). Solutions include CAD drawings as well as detailed product information. The Additional insulation calculator will help you to find optimal solutions for small and terraced houses as well as apartment buildings. PAROC stone wool is a durable and fire-safe choice for all your insulation solutions.

Paroc Stonewool Insulation Benefits

  • Durable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Fire safe
  • Moisture proof
  • Re-usable
  • Safe
  • Sound-reducing


BES 6001 certification

Paroc has been certified with the BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing standard for construction products by Building Research Establishment Limited (BRE). The certification includes all Paroc’s European sites for the production of thermal insulation. Paroc was the first mineral wool insulation manufacturer to achieve BES 6001 and was awarded a “Good” rating for its responsible sourcing of materials.


ISO 14001 certification

Paroc has been granted ISO14001 certificate. This indicates that environmental aspects such as production emissions into the air, waste handling, utilisation of natural resources and energy efficiency are paid attention to at Paroc and the environmental impacts of production are constantly improved.

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R1.5 80KG